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Zymba is a portal that allows you an opportunity to connect directly with the owner for both buying and leasing of property. Each property listed on the platform is mapped to a unique ZYMBA tag which makes the property information available anytime and anywhere.


Our main responsibility was to undertake the Brand Communication followed by building the website for the brand.


Considering the brand was being born, we put in additional efforts in understanding the concept and put it down on paper.

The following steps were pursued hence, to arrive at the brand understanding:

  • Detailed sector analysis with an indepth study of housing portals connecting buyers and sellers globally
  • Assessing key insights and borrowing critical action points from this assessment, to be implemented for Zymba
  • Building character descriptions of audiences across different geographies who would be consider ‘ideal customers’
  • Brainstorming and stashing out interesting taglines to support the core concept of the brand


An expressive Zymba Logo in bright red colour was formulated, depicting an attractive, energetic and powerful expression and also grabbing immediate attention of a potential customer.

The icon depicts hyperlocal and conversation tag, to ensure the brand’s vision is communicated clearly, within a crisp and digital friendly manner.

The website was built with an easy to use UX for a new customer and making it easier for him/her to get acquainted with the brand. In addition, we focused on making the home page more informative around the brand, carrying forward the thought bubble and bringing in a design synthesis that matched the brand identity.

The brand is currently growing its digital marketing presence with our team and is focused on cracking it big this year.